Price Plans

We have a variety of price plans to fit your needs!

From a mailbox-only membership to an office suited for several people, we have something for everyone. Click through the following options below to explore our space!

Mailbox Membership — $28/month

Coworking Membership — $130/month

Dedicated Desk — $240/month

Office Suite 104 (8 x 7.5) — $390/month

Office Suite 105 (8 x 7.5) — $380/month

Office Suite 106 (8 x 7.5) — $390/month

Office Suite 110 (15 x 7.5) — $680/month

Office Suite 111 (15 x 7.5) — $680/month

Office Suite 112 (15 x 7.5) — $680/month

Day Pass — $25/day

*Please make note that while these offices and plans are offered by The Berthold Building, our memberships are on a month to month basis and we may not currently have vacancies. For information about availabilities, please contact us at or call us at 404-410-1440.