Local Photographers on Display

Atlanta in 3D

One of the great things about being in Atlanta is watching how artists capture their city in so many different ways. While these three artists have a variety of work all around Atlanta, this concept was built around seeing the city from three different dimensions; looking down, looking up and from afar.

Evan’s work was shot from a helicopter that peers down on our ever-growing city, which allows the viewer to take in the size and expansion of Atlanta. Christynne captures the city skyline from afar, which shows the width of the skyline in our city that has no growth limitations. Chris immerses himself below the tallest of buildings, and pointing his camera skyward, the art almost gives you a humble feeling of smallness in our great city.

These artists have their work on display at the Bert and are available for sale.

Chris House

Chris House is an Atlanta based photographer with a passion to capture the city and people in their essence. From sunny days to gloomy days, House tries to capture beauty in as much detail as he can. House has been recognized by DiscoverAtlanta as one of their favorite photographers of 2014. House’s image will let you immerse yourself in the picture you view and enjoy every second of it. Follow on Instagram (@chrishouse__)

Christynne Papincak

My name is Christynne Papincak and I’m from Bemus Point, NY. I have been a physical therapist in Atlanta for five years at The Sports Rehab Center in Midtown, Atlanta. I’ve always been the girl with the camera in my purse, taking way too many pictures of everything, but it wasn’t until 2013 that I truly got into photography. I got my first DSLR before a trip to South Africa where I ran the Two Oceans Marathon. I’ve always loved capturing the natural beauty around me, whether that be a gorgeous waterfall, a sunset, or the hustle and bustle of a city. Atlanta is beautiful to me in so many ways and exploring it through photography has only made me love it more. Follow on Instagram (@whyiloveatl).

Evan Ranft

Evan 5ps is an Atlanta photographer who specializes in documentary and art photography. He has worked with some of the biggest artists in Atlanta’s hip hop scene while releasing a number of independent projects, his most recent being an independent book titled “Atlanta Going Up” released late in 2014. To see more from Evan you can head to his Instagram (@5ps_) or his website evan5ps.com